Taming the Beast

Now that Spring break vacation is over we are back to having children that are bored. I try to encourage my children to entertain themselves. Our youngest boys are four and will be entering school in August. I feel like by this age I shouldn’t have to entertain them all day long. We have our time together but mommy also has to work full time from home and clean the house. I can’t do that if I’m entertaining three children all day. During the summer they can always play outside (we have a privacy fence). They go out with chalk and bubbles, play on the swing set, or just run around. Since it’s chilly though they are of course bored and don’t want to go play in their room. It looks like on top of my list to do today I will be looking up indoor entertainment on Pinterest. Before my house ends up in shambles I best go see whats going on though. Happy Spring to everyone though, hope you are getting warmer weather!