The Homeschooling Adventure

I’m not the type to jump off a cliff and I hope I fly, I’m the research thoroughly and make a well thought out decision type. So when we decided to pull my daughter from public school and begin homeschooling all within three days my anxiety was through the roof. I’ve never looked at homeschooling before, where do I find what I need? I spent day and night researching and trying to find the right fit for my daughter. If you are looking at beginning this same adventure please keep something in mind, its a learning experience. The first, second or even third curriculum you choose may not work for your child. Be willing to change your method, you may also need something different for each child.

Here are a few places that I have used to make up our curriculum:
*Please note I am not affiliated with any of these or being compensated for sharing their information*

time4learning– We initially started with time4learning, and while I really liked it, my daughter however did not. This is a full curriculum, that can be used on a computer or tablet. As a parent you can control their lessons, view their grades, print worksheets and much more. My daughter (3rd grade) found it hard to actually grasp what they were teaching though, and they will continue to move on even if they don’t understand it. That was a downside for me.

Acellus- After switching to Acellus things became much smoother. We love this curriculum, they have actual teachers doing video lessons for each new concept. After choosing your 6 courses they will do a placement test so you know what grade level you need to begin at. I did also read it is possible to adjust your lessons, we however didn’t need to do this so I haven’t looked into this yet. With this program they do all the grading for you and it will let your kids know how many lessons they need to complete to stay on track.

teacherspayteachers-This is a great resource for worksheets, banners, busy work and much more. These have all been developed by teachers and are printable. Some of these are free and some have a small fee. Quite a bit of our curriculum for next year was ordered from this website. We will also be homeschooling our boys next year mixing workbooks and online courses. There is several full curriculum’s available but its also possible to mix and match. They also have many other classroom resources available as well.  You can usually find free shipping coupons as well, and they regularly have sales.

Dollar Tree– Aside from a major money saving option, Dollar Tree has a large variety of options that work great for busy work. From math fact books to science and social studies lessons. They have classroom resources, school supplies, organization supplies, and the list goes on.

Pinterest-if you simply type in Homeschool, you are going to get a large list of things you can use. I’ve found planners, unit studies, posters, fun projects and much more. I find myself weekly looking for new things we can do on Pinterest.

What’s your favorite homeschooling resources? If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I will do my best to answer or point you in the right direction.

God Bless!


Fresh Book Smell

Last night I was looking at my email and one of my favorite book stores had sent me an ad. After I looked through it I realized the only ones that interested me were ones I already had but haven’t gotten around to reading yet. I have two bookshelves overly filled with books, I mean I have books lined up nicely with books stacked on top of those book. In some places I also have another row in front of them. I’m the kind of person that prefers an actual book in my hand that I can touch and smell, not that I don’t occasionally read on my kindle. I just prefer a paperback.

I’m also the type that finishes one book and then gets five more to add to my list. So I decided this morning to go through my bookshelf, writing down all of the books I haven’t gotten to yet or have partially read. After these I added to them my yearly reads, you know those series that you love and read at least once a year. Okay, that might just be a bibliophile problem. You have to re-read the series though because there is a good chance that a new book for that series was released through the year. Two pages later and 77 book written down I sadly wrote Reading list for 2018 on the top. I assure you I’m happy I have 77 unread books or books to be re-read on my shelves, but I’m sad because I will likely be through this list by Spring. Which also means I will be storing those ones that my heart doesn’t scream I must read again. Of these books usually friends or family go through and take what they would like and we often swap books that we don’t want to hang on to.

This list is different from my past list though, this one actually holds more than fiction. This time I have several self improvement, christian living, business,  parenting, marriage, and lifestyle books. Most importantly my number one book on the list, The Bible. Now this is something that I actually began a few weeks ago, and I read some nightly. I know this will take me months to actually accomplish, but I’ve never been so eager to read a book in my life.

In case you are looking for a few suggestions I highly suggest picking up any book from Priscilla Shirer, Tony Evans or Joyce Meyers.

As much as I could carry on about books all day long, I better cut this short because I’m sure my children would like a warm ride home from school. I look forward to posting some new book reviews in the future though!

God Bless!


Jackhammers and Rainstorms

A little over a week ago I went to the dentist to have some work done. My jaw still hurts terribly like they used a jackhammer or my face was hit with a truck. It probably hasn’t help that it’s rained all day almost daily since I had the work done though. Colder weather brings out the pain of EDS and I don’t recover very quickly.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time curled up on the couch with a book trying to numb the pain. While I admit my vinyl work and other business venture has suffered ( Follow me on Instagram ashley.k.herr to stay up to date) it has really been refreshing to take some time for me.  Between working, running a household and my daughters after school activities there hasn’t been much me time lately. I’ve also come to the realization that I don’t recover nearly as well as I did 10 years ago. I can’t pull these late nights and get up early the next morning with out some repercussion. I’m also finding that caffeine doesn’t seem to wake me up either, I’m the type that can drink a pot of coffee and fall asleep.  Don’t let jackhammers and rainstorms be your reminder to slow down and take a little time for you. If you need the sign here it is, I’m telling you to relax and slow down.  Everyone deserves a break……….