Perfecting Chaos

As I sat down tonight going through my list that I have taped all over the place of things I need to get done I began thinking, how in the world do I get anything accomplished? I’m a faithful list maker, I make a list for everything. Ever morning I write down the things I want to accomplish that day, things that need cleaned, bills that need paid, ect. The problem is I am also a faithful list loser. I tend to lose them fairly quickly and things end up getting forgotten about until the day is over and I’m too exhausted to accomplish them. So tonight I realized that my email calendar syncs with my phone calendar, so why not use something I already have literally in my hands. I began marking the things I do daily first, such as my daily devotionals and bible reading. Then began with my once a week things like bible study and book club, and then filled in my more sporadic things. Like books I am reviewing and the timeline I have, or the research I need to do for upcoming studies or post. I am someone who tends to pile on more than I probably should and without some organization I will become anxious and overwhelmed, and chances are this will spill over and effect my family. This is the last thing I want to happen. I am slowly learning sometimes I just have to say no, I often get roped into doing things for others. When I decided to start my blog and put in the many hours to build something much bigger than myself so that I can stay home even after my children all go to school, I also took away a portion of time I once spent fully focused on my family. So the time I do have, I prefer to cherish with my husband and my kids. I feel horrible saying no, but I have learned that sometimes, you just really need to learn to prioritize and say no. Don’t run your self ragged and lose out on the important things in life. Aside from the things you already see on my here, Twitter or Facebook, I have also started working on Prayer Shawls. I am currently working on a children’s crocheted version, after it is completed I will be working on an adult one as well. I was gifted one many years ago and when I read, pray and even sitting here working, I like to have it draped over my shoulders to keep me warm. This is something I would like to offer to others. Of course this takes time, and it seems like as soon as you sit down there is an alarm that sounds telling your children it’s time to run all over helping them out. So while I am anxious to have these available I am taking my time, and making sure I spend time with my family. Because in the end, family is what is really important. So we have to find a way to tame the chaos, get things done that need to be done and then give our full focus to our families. So use your phones calendar, buy a wall calender, a planner, or if you can actually remember where you put them, make a list.
So starting tomorrow, I will be doing what’s on my calendar, and only what is on my calender. If something else comes up, it will have to be penciled in somewhere else because I will become sidetracked and my whole day will end up chaotic, too short, and overstressed. Here’s to hopefully ringing in the new year a little more organized, and let’s pray that a new product launch of handmade prayer shawls can happen here soon.

“Neglect the whole world before you neglect eachother.”-Ann Landers

*God Bless


Struggles and Prayers

I originally planned on writing about christian families and how you can grow in your faith together. But the last few days have been a struggle for myself and my family. In these moments it is easy to become angry towards God, although I have been angry its more at the situation. I find that at these times it is best to pick up your bible. People often complain there is no guide to life, yet right there in front of us there is. The Bible has the answers, you just need to pick it up. Not sure how to pray? Use the scripture to guide you. Spend time everyday studying your bible. I spend time everyday with my devotional, using both my KJV and NIV Bible to dive a little further into that scripture, a daily scripture study, weekly bible study and reading a christian based book (which you can usually find my reviews for on here also). When life becomes too much to handle, and you feel like you have lost it all, turn to God and pray. He will see you through it, it may not be how you want or expect but he will see you through it, you just need to have faith in him. So today as I pray for comfort and guidance for my family, I will also pray for all of you. I pray that you will find comfort in the Lord, and be open to his guidance, that we fulfill the destiny he has set for us all.


*Just a little sidenote on today: I will be receiving the bible study materials for Present over Perfect by tomorrow hopefully and will begin preparing for this study. I truly hope you all are able to join us in this study. There is a link on the homepage that provides a source you can purchase this. I’m excited to start this one!
I also will be receiving an autographed copy of a popular new book that has recently come out, I cannot wait to read it, post a review and it will also possibly be one of our next studies!

*Thank you for joining me today and God Bless*


December 15th-December 31st

All you will need is your Bible for this one. We will be studying the book of Ephesians. I chose Ephesians because this is one book of my bible that has marks all over. I have things highlighted, notes written down, things underlined, all sorts of things. If you don’t have a Bible Journal or a Prayer Journal I would encourage you to get one. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I picked my Journal up at Wal-Mart for a few dollars and used a notebook before this. I courage creativity in both your Bible and your journal, find what helps you learn best.

For this study we are going to use the SOAP structure. Each day I encourage you to do this in your Journal as you are reading through the Book of Ephesians.

Scripture- Write down a verse that sticks out at you.
Observation- Why was it interesting? What did you learn? What is God saying to you?
Application- How can you apply it to your life? How will it change you?
Prayer- Respond to God in Prayer, use the scripture as a a guide. Ask God to help you meditate on this and apply it.

Some other things you may find useful:
-Starting with Prayer
-Who are the key people?
-What are the Key Words?

Feel free to share your daily journal, but don’t feel obligated to!

Wine and Water

After being married a while you start to fall into a routine. Throw children into that mix and you get a chaotic routine. It’s easy to forget that marriage isn’t a fairy tale. Your husband isn’t Prince Charming, cute animals don’t do your housework (despite how nice that would be), and sometimes you forget when you showered last. Marriage is a choice. It is a choice you make every single day when you wake up. As a mom of three small children I know it becomes very easy to put your children before everything else. You slip easily into the routine of taking care of everyone else. It isn’t until your marriage is in trouble and you feel disconnected that you realize it’s time to take a step back.
I’m not saying you still cannot take care of your family, but you need to make sure to make time for you. You also need to make sure you make time for your spouse as well. One day your children will be grown and move away, if you lose that relationship with your spouse how will you make it when it’s just the two of you again? My alone time is nothing fancy, and sometimes it’s just a few minutes, but it’s time for me to reflect. Some days its just having a cup of coffee (or tea like I am now) in peace, others times it’s completing my daily bible study.
My husband and I recently started date nights again. We’ve been together almost a decade now, but after having children we started disconnecting. If we aren’t able to leave the house for a night, we do something at home. Try a game night or movie night. Once a month we try a new wine we haven’t before. Sometimes we grab our glasses and watch a new movie, other times we enjoy time out by the fire pit. Then there is times the wine taste absolutely terrible and we end up laughing at the funny faces, other times well, it goes down like water. Don’t let your spouse get left in the dust from the chaos of everyday life, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure its quality time together.

Falling into the Grand Canyon

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV) Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ.
A few months ago if someone would have told me you will be an open book to others, I would have laughed in their face. To be honest, I was a lost person. Some people hit pot holes in life, well I got stuck in the Grand Canyon. It took a very tough situation for me to realize just how far I had steered from God’s path. Later on I will elaborate on this situation but now is not the time for that.
In the end falling into the Grand Canyon led me back to following God’s path. First it started with simply reading a daily devotional, then it became journaling these scriptures. Soon it turned into a daily bible study. Then the realization struck! My marriage needs to be a Godly marriage in order to have hope. We then began doing devotionals together. I will not ever claim to be a perfect Christian, but each day I will continue to learn more. I hope to be able to help others not make the same mistakes I did, and help families become stronger. You will find many things here, like: scripture, materials I have found and liked, family activities, crafts, recipes, mom moments, and much more. I of course have children acting like they haven’t eaten in days though so for now I should probably start supper.

*Couples Devotionals: I found both of these at my local christian book store but I’m sure these can be found on Amazon also, I will look into where they are best priced at.

Kingdom Marriage Devotional by Tony Evans….I absolutely love this one. It not only has devotionals but has discussion questions for you to answer at the end.

Quiet Times for Couples by H. Norman Wright…This book almost hits the nail on the head daily.