Struggles and Prayers

I originally planned on writing about christian families and how you can grow in your faith together. But the last few days have been a struggle for myself and my family. In these moments it is easy to become angry towards God, although I have been angry its more at the situation. I find that at these times it is best to pick up your bible. People often complain there is no guide to life, yet right there in front of us there is. The Bible has the answers, you just need to pick it up. Not sure how to pray? Use the scripture to guide you. Spend time everyday studying your bible. I spend time everyday with my devotional, using both my KJV and NIV Bible to dive a little further into that scripture, a daily scripture study, weekly bible study and reading a christian based book (which you can usually find my reviews for on here also). When life becomes too much to handle, and you feel like you have lost it all, turn to God and pray. He will see you through it, it may not be how you want or expect but he will see you through it, you just need to have faith in him. So today as I pray for comfort and guidance for my family, I will also pray for all of you. I pray that you will find comfort in the Lord, and be open to his guidance, that we fulfill the destiny he has set for us all.


*Just a little sidenote on today: I will be receiving the bible study materials for Present over Perfect by tomorrow hopefully and will begin preparing for this study. I truly hope you all are able to join us in this study. There is a link on the homepage that provides a source you can purchase this. I’m excited to start this one!
I also will be receiving an autographed copy of a popular new book that has recently come out, I cannot wait to read it, post a review and it will also possibly be one of our next studies!

*Thank you for joining me today and God Bless*


Save me from my children

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not fear. I will help you.”-Isaiah 41:14

As I sit here reflecting on my day the only word that comes to mind is rough. Being sick myself, I’m already tired and worn down. This morning we added 2 sick toddlers to that mix. Which leads to utter exhaustion. Two sick and drained little boys leads to a lot of yelling and fighting with each other. They pick a fight with each other over every little thing, end up crying to mommy, then mad at mommy. You can only hear, “Mommy you’re mean” so many times before you start to feel defeated. I assure you though, it’s just a moment. Your children won’t always like you, but one day they will understand why you do the things you do and love you even more for it. Just not at 4 years old unfortunately.
Which led me to this afternoon. I was doing my daily bible journaling and came across the perfect verse to help me through the day. ( The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.- Psalm 34:18 ) It really changed my perspective for the day. Parenting isn’t easy, it’s not always easy to stay calm and not burst into tears. In those moments we need to take a deep breath, say a prayer and remember, have faith. Bed time is drawing near and I still have three tired, cranky, arguing children, but I also know that today I was blessed. I was blessed to spend the day with my children, we had a roof over our heads, food on the table, and warm clothes. This is more than many families have, so tonight I will remain thankful for what I do have and pray for those that are in need. There is also a good chance that a glass of wine and hot bath have my name on them.