Did you pray?

Have you ever had that moment when you want to look at your children and ask why they are so set on driving you insane? This was my morning. Imagine if you will, I’m in the middle of a crowded grocery store, my three young children in tow. One is riding in the cart perfectly content, another crying because I won’t let them walk around the store, and the third screaming I hate you, you’re so mean, and give me that toy. In these moments you start off with patience, but the louder they get and longer it last that last nerve gets very close to unraveling. I will be honest, I was attempted to just grab all three of them and walk out of the store. But then I’d feel super guilty for leaving a cart full of groceries for some poor associate to put back on the shelves. Recently a new set of rules have been placed in our home, where respecting others is high on that list. So, where I would cave before just to quiet my children and get through the shopping trip I instead put my foot down. No they would not be rewarded for being disrespectful, and they are going to have to learn to behave during shopping. A very kind older woman approached me and told me, don’t worry mama you will get through this. Those words helped me get through the rest of that trip, I realized that someday, maybe not soon, my children will appreciate that their father and I took the time to set rules. If we want our children to grow up with strong values and good manners then we have to make sure to be on the same page. A few months ago if you would have asked what our basic ground rules are I would be willing to bet that my husband and I would have said different things. We realized that we truly need to communicate better. We need to sit down weekly and discuss important things about our family, see where we can improve and we have noticed that the more we work on our marriage, the happier our children are. We actively make sure to carve out time for each other, for our children, and time with God. The improvements in not only our marriage but our family too has been astonishing. I was watching Joyce Meyers today, and she talks about the assignment that God has for all of us. How we need to pray for guidance and actually listening to know what our assignment is. I have always felt the strong desire to be a stay at home mom, but I have also felt like there was something more I could do while staying home with my children. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that the overwhelming urge to share God’s word really started to hit me. The problem was, I really didn’t know where to begin. I will admit, I was a back-slider. It had been awhile since I cracked open my bible, and months since I had been in church. So I dusted off the bible, found a good scripture journaling plan and went from there. I began spending more time with God everyday, working on praying for guidance and strength for whatever he wanted me to do. Since then he has become number 1 in our home. We pray at every meal, we are working with our children on learning scripture, reading the bible and learning the Lord’s prayer. I have set my goal for next year to become more like miss Clara (if you don’t know who I mean, purchase War Room, you will love her), I want to not only know God but I want to live a Kingdom Life, raise Kingdom children and inspire others to find Christ or grow closer to him. I made a big mistake this morning before leaving my home, and it’s one I hope to never forget again. I will be placing a reminder on my dash or radio….PRAY. I should have never went on the journey without praying first. Praying that God guide me on the journey, that he be with my children and that he would kind me to show my children his way. So while I’m thinking of making this note, I’m going to do it. I also encourage you to do this. Place a note reminding you to pray in the areas you frequent often, for me that would be my coffee pot (I do have 3 young children after all). Keep a notepad or dry erase board in a central location so you and your family can write down things they need to pray for that day. At supper or before bed you can all come together and pray for these, it’s a great way to involve the entire family. So I will leave you with this.

The Lords Prayer
Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver is from evil:
For thine is the kingdom,
And the power, and the glory, forever.

Matthew 6:9-13

God Bless


Perfecting Chaos

As I sat down tonight going through my list that I have taped all over the place of things I need to get done I began thinking, how in the world do I get anything accomplished? I’m a faithful list maker, I make a list for everything. Ever morning I write down the things I want to accomplish that day, things that need cleaned, bills that need paid, ect. The problem is I am also a faithful list loser. I tend to lose them fairly quickly and things end up getting forgotten about until the day is over and I’m too exhausted to accomplish them. So tonight I realized that my email calendar syncs with my phone calendar, so why not use something I already have literally in my hands. I began marking the things I do daily first, such as my daily devotionals and bible reading. Then began with my once a week things like bible study and book club, and then filled in my more sporadic things. Like books I am reviewing and the timeline I have, or the research I need to do for upcoming studies or post. I am someone who tends to pile on more than I probably should and without some organization I will become anxious and overwhelmed, and chances are this will spill over and effect my family. This is the last thing I want to happen. I am slowly learning sometimes I just have to say no, I often get roped into doing things for others. When I decided to start my blog and put in the many hours to build something much bigger than myself so that I can stay home even after my children all go to school, I also took away a portion of time I once spent fully focused on my family. So the time I do have, I prefer to cherish with my husband and my kids. I feel horrible saying no, but I have learned that sometimes, you just really need to learn to prioritize and say no. Don’t run your self ragged and lose out on the important things in life. Aside from the things you already see on my here, Twitter or Facebook, I have also started working on Prayer Shawls. I am currently working on a children’s crocheted version, after it is completed I will be working on an adult one as well. I was gifted one many years ago and when I read, pray and even sitting here working, I like to have it draped over my shoulders to keep me warm. This is something I would like to offer to others. Of course this takes time, and it seems like as soon as you sit down there is an alarm that sounds telling your children it’s time to run all over helping them out. So while I am anxious to have these available I am taking my time, and making sure I spend time with my family. Because in the end, family is what is really important. So we have to find a way to tame the chaos, get things done that need to be done and then give our full focus to our families. So use your phones calendar, buy a wall calender, a planner, or if you can actually remember where you put them, make a list.
So starting tomorrow, I will be doing what’s on my calendar, and only what is on my calender. If something else comes up, it will have to be penciled in somewhere else because I will become sidetracked and my whole day will end up chaotic, too short, and overstressed. Here’s to hopefully ringing in the new year a little more organized, and let’s pray that a new product launch of handmade prayer shawls can happen here soon.

“Neglect the whole world before you neglect eachother.”-Ann Landers

*God Bless

New Year, Better you

This time of year I often hear people setting their New Years resolutions, and it has really made me think this year.
Some of the more common I have heard:
*I’m going to lose x amount of weight
* I’m going to eat better
*I’ll go to the gym
*I won’t drink so much
*I’m giving up pop
The list just continues to go on, but one thing I’ve realized is I never hear, I will grow closer to God. I will read my bible everyday, I will pray every day. Most people I’m sure would say they could improve their relationship with the Lord somehow. I’m not saying you should make these your New Years resolutions, lets face it most of those are forgotten about in a week. Instead make a promise. Sit down and pray for guidance, let God lead you to what you need to do to grow closer to him. I personally do have my favorites, and maybe they can help inspire you too.

1. Bible Reading:
I find it relaxing to sit down with a cup of coffee and my Bible. What better way to become closer to the Lord than by reading the book that is here to Guide you through everything in Life! I also prefer to have more than one version with me when reading. I like to read the NIV Bible, but when something sticks out to me I also go and re-read it in my KJV. I mark scripture in both bibles and write little notes. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, pick up your bible, I bet it makes your day better too.

2. Bible Study:
You can participate in a Bible Study in many ways. There are often groups available at your church, you can order individual studies, or you can participate in online studies. The current Bible Study I’m doing is the book of Ephesians, however next week we will start the Present over Perfect study, this is a dvd/study guide package. If you would like to join us you can go to my home page for the link to purchase this. I try to keep the studies affordable, and will bounce between ordering materials or picking a book in the bible and studying it daily.

3. Reading:
I love to read, which is also why I offer reviews on here. I read a lot of Christian books that are Fiction, Lifestyle books, Parenting, Marriage, and family books. Tony Evans, Pricilla Shirer, and Stormie Omartian  are a few of my favorites when it comes to Christian marriage, parenting and family books. My husband and I have recently started the Kingdom series by Tony Evans. We have the couples devotional, Kingdom Man and Woman, Raising Kingdom Kids and The Resolutions for both Men and Women. I will admit this is also why I haven’t been putting out reviews almost daily, I am currently reading at least 2 books at a time. For those of you that travel for work, I would suggest getting audio books to listen to in the car.

4. Devotionals
A daily devotional is a great way to get the good word and doesn’t take much time. If you are married I would suggest a couples devotional. We really like the Kingdom Marriage, it has a  very short daily passage and then follows up with 3 questions for you and your spouse to answer. Quiet times for couples is another favorite of ours, and we recently received the Love Dare devotional so we are excited to begin that one too. My husband enjoys the Duck Commander devotional and my daughter likes her 3 Minute Devotional for little girls. I personally use the Daily Wisdom for Women everyday in addition to my couples devotionals.

My point is that there isn’t one set way to do a little more. Without my faith I’m not sure how I would have gotten through the holidays. I used to shut down when grieving. I’m not saying that the depression didn’t creep in and make me want to crawl in a hole, it did. But I prayed, over and over, for strength and peace. I knew I needed to be there for others as well and we needed to lean on each other. My husband played a big roll in helping me through it. He dropped everything and stayed with me, he prayed with me, and was there when I needed to just cry.  1 Corinthians 13:2 really stood out to me ( If I have the gift of prophesy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. ) Without love you truly have nothing, and one thing that I realized I am truly blessed with is the ability to love so many people and have so many people who love me. Love and the Lord  is what got me through the holidays this year. If that’s not blessed then I don’t know what is.

God Bless and travel safely home!

Struggles and Prayers

I originally planned on writing about christian families and how you can grow in your faith together. But the last few days have been a struggle for myself and my family. In these moments it is easy to become angry towards God, although I have been angry its more at the situation. I find that at these times it is best to pick up your bible. People often complain there is no guide to life, yet right there in front of us there is. The Bible has the answers, you just need to pick it up. Not sure how to pray? Use the scripture to guide you. Spend time everyday studying your bible. I spend time everyday with my devotional, using both my KJV and NIV Bible to dive a little further into that scripture, a daily scripture study, weekly bible study and reading a christian based book (which you can usually find my reviews for on here also). When life becomes too much to handle, and you feel like you have lost it all, turn to God and pray. He will see you through it, it may not be how you want or expect but he will see you through it, you just need to have faith in him. So today as I pray for comfort and guidance for my family, I will also pray for all of you. I pray that you will find comfort in the Lord, and be open to his guidance, that we fulfill the destiny he has set for us all.


*Just a little sidenote on today: I will be receiving the bible study materials for Present over Perfect by tomorrow hopefully and will begin preparing for this study. I truly hope you all are able to join us in this study. There is a link on the homepage that provides a source you can purchase this. I’m excited to start this one!
I also will be receiving an autographed copy of a popular new book that has recently come out, I cannot wait to read it, post a review and it will also possibly be one of our next studies!

*Thank you for joining me today and God Bless*


December 15th-December 31st

All you will need is your Bible for this one. We will be studying the book of Ephesians. I chose Ephesians because this is one book of my bible that has marks all over. I have things highlighted, notes written down, things underlined, all sorts of things. If you don’t have a Bible Journal or a Prayer Journal I would encourage you to get one. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I picked my Journal up at Wal-Mart for a few dollars and used a notebook before this. I courage creativity in both your Bible and your journal, find what helps you learn best.

For this study we are going to use the SOAP structure. Each day I encourage you to do this in your Journal as you are reading through the Book of Ephesians.

Scripture- Write down a verse that sticks out at you.
Observation- Why was it interesting? What did you learn? What is God saying to you?
Application- How can you apply it to your life? How will it change you?
Prayer- Respond to God in Prayer, use the scripture as a a guide. Ask God to help you meditate on this and apply it.

Some other things you may find useful:
-Starting with Prayer
-Who are the key people?
-What are the Key Words?

Feel free to share your daily journal, but don’t feel obligated to!

Bible Study and Book Club

If you would be interested in Joining us for the January Bible study and Book Club you can find the links to order the materials on the home page! You are also welcome to join in on the current Bible study which only requires your Bible and paper. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I pray you all grow spiritually and become closer to God.

Beginning to Ponder

As I’ve begun the process of renewing my faith it has left me pondering several aspects of my life. There is several things I feel the need to walk away from, and there are other things that seem to be calling me. This blog being one of them. This is my place to share God word on a much larger scale, through Christian book reviews, sharing scripture, recommending devotionals or through Bible study.

This has led me to the consideration of starting an online bible study/book club on this blog. I am currently narrowing down choices of books or studies while praying that God guides me and shows me his true path for me. I truly hope you decide to join me in this journey. To do so make sure you follow my page or subscribe.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Hot tea with a side of peace

The changing of the seasons are such a beautiful time. Being able to sit on the porch with some coffee and watch the leaves slowly fall. Then the wonderful head cold moves in. Our family has been battling this cold for two weeks now and it seems never ending. You know the cold, the one where it feels like your ribs might break every time you cough. When you work from home this makes it extremely hard to get motivated to actually work. Instead you want to lounge on the couch, binge watch your favorite show and sip on hot tea all day. I started a weekend afghan last week in attempt to get at least one blanket up for sale before the holidays. Keep in mind this afghan should take about six hours to finish, five days later I’m only six rows in. Serious motivation loss going on. I have however finished two hats because my daughter and I needed them as the cold weather moves in. Which in turn led me to that weird debate of should I just do hats and scarves this year and forget the afghan or do I go ahead and finish the afghan. Sometimes you need that little boost in motivation. My way may not be for everyone, and that is okay. I’m not here to try to force something on you, I will however share my experience and knowledge and let you make that decision for yourselves. With that being said, my way to relax and recharge is by spending time with my bible. Often time it is by bible journaling, scripture writing or coloring in my bible. Yes you read that correctly, coloring in my bible. I have a wonderful bible, the Wonders of Creation Holy Bible, that has several pages that you can color yourself that goes along with scripture. Growing up I was always afraid to mark in my bible, I had been handed down bibles from relatives so they just didn’t feel like MY bible. So I encourage you to find that perfect bible for you, it may not be the first one you find or even the second. It took me three times before I found the PERFECT bible. The one that as I’m reading I highlight the verses that speak to me, I doodle in so as I’m flipping through the pages I can see the picture and know exactly what is on that page and can quickly reference it. I find peace in doing my daily scriptures, I may do far more than what others would refer to as normal but it’s my me time, my reflection time. I have 3 daily devotionals that I do daily, a daily bible study scripture, and then I look up scriptures for whatever I need guidance for that day. I read the scriptures, write the scriptures, then read them again. Is filling 2-3 notebook pages a day for everyone? No probably not, but this is what works for me, find what works best for you. I am able to really absorb everything this way and reflect on what is being said. In this same notebook (my Scripture and Prayer Journal) I write out how I reflected on what I wrote that day and then make my list of things I need to pray for. Which of course is what I’m about to do, after I make more coffee of course.

Wine and Water

After being married a while you start to fall into a routine. Throw children into that mix and you get a chaotic routine. It’s easy to forget that marriage isn’t a fairy tale. Your husband isn’t Prince Charming, cute animals don’t do your housework (despite how nice that would be), and sometimes you forget when you showered last. Marriage is a choice. It is a choice you make every single day when you wake up. As a mom of three small children I know it becomes very easy to put your children before everything else. You slip easily into the routine of taking care of everyone else. It isn’t until your marriage is in trouble and you feel disconnected that you realize it’s time to take a step back.
I’m not saying you still cannot take care of your family, but you need to make sure to make time for you. You also need to make sure you make time for your spouse as well. One day your children will be grown and move away, if you lose that relationship with your spouse how will you make it when it’s just the two of you again? My alone time is nothing fancy, and sometimes it’s just a few minutes, but it’s time for me to reflect. Some days its just having a cup of coffee (or tea like I am now) in peace, others times it’s completing my daily bible study.
My husband and I recently started date nights again. We’ve been together almost a decade now, but after having children we started disconnecting. If we aren’t able to leave the house for a night, we do something at home. Try a game night or movie night. Once a month we try a new wine we haven’t before. Sometimes we grab our glasses and watch a new movie, other times we enjoy time out by the fire pit. Then there is times the wine taste absolutely terrible and we end up laughing at the funny faces, other times well, it goes down like water. Don’t let your spouse get left in the dust from the chaos of everyday life, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure its quality time together.